About me

I am an Educational and Child Psychologist with over 18 years of experience of working with adults, children and schools.  I am an experienced consultant working within both the private and public sectors including a range of multi-agency settings.

My fundamental  belief is that human beings  possess a great capacity for transformation, transition and growth when provided with burgeoning researched practices, tools and techniques  I believe that psychological self-development and motivation to change are key to successfully achieving adjustments in belief systems in order to promote personal goals and organisational.  Mefinition coaching was born out of my love of using psychological theory to help others and support their transformation and change.

I am passionate about finding solutions and working out what will help myself and others, my clients remove the barriers of worthlessness, negative self belief and their own version of self mediocrity, in order to reach the greatest potential and essentially feel good enough in their own skin.

This passion has led  me down interesting and amazing paths of transformation and self discovery I have used this knowledge to develop Mefinition Coaching which integrates my experience and knowledge of psychology with my interest in Eastern and African philosophies.


I feel blessed to do what I love every single day: To discover what works by undertaking real world research, examining current research  and by interviewing specialists in the areas outlined above.