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Me-finition’s individually tailored response works wonders because  every client is recognised as specifically unique. It supports people to integrate tailored, combined approaches into small manageable steps, to build on habits, helping to radically change their health, relationships, wellbeing and self-concept positively.

The main focus of Michele’s ‘Me-finition ’ programme is to transform a client’s life, based on what they have always wanted, rather than being focused on what they think others want them to be.  The Me-finition’s approach starts by supporting individuals to redesign their lives from the inside out, encouraging them to raise and optimise their own self-worth and personal definition. This then provides a new & resilient foundation from which the best most desired version of themselves comes to life.

Me-finition coaching produces transformational change.   Coaching can be delivered on a one to one basis offering bespoke programmes to suit individual needs or can be group based. In groups, people  support and encourage each other, when working through their blocks to achieving their goals. Sessions can be delivered either face to face or virtually online.

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